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Visits, orders, conversion rates – the numbers keep coming from every direction. Stop wasting time preparing spreadsheets and checking different services and start monitoring your business in one tool. Wunderdata connects all your internal and external data sources like Magento, Google Analytics or Affilinet in one cloud-based tool. Wunderdata dashboards are based on best practices in eCommerce and can be used instantly without the need to collect data and create reports or charts.

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Know how to spend your marketing budget

Optimizing marketing spend by acquisition costs gives you only half the picture. Connect marketing services like Google AdWords with your shop database and see how valuable customers really are – not only after his first order but after a week, a month or a year. Some marketing channels seem to perform good because the acquisition costs are low but by digging deeper the marketing ROI may tell another story.

Analyze cohorts and explore trends

Top notch online shops get most of the revenue through returning customers. Identify drop-off points, see how cohorts are developing and analyze your churn rate. Do customers tend to stop buying after 6 weeks? Maybe that’s a good time for an Email campaign. Does your December cohort perform exponentially well? Slice and dice with the intuitive Filterbox and explore playfully why that might be.

Keep your whole team informed

Enable everyone in your company to work data driven and focused on the right metrics. Dashboards are private by default, but you can share individual dashboards simply by adding new users. You could for example give your sales team access to product, category and brand performance and your investors access to top level KPIs. Users of Wunderdata can’t break anything. Wunderdata only reads informations from your data sources, it cannot interfere with your operating system.

Why Wunderdata is different 

Classic business intelligence vendors will outsource the work of creating a data model and building reports to you! We chose the opposite route. Our team gathered a great amount of eCommerce experience over the last years. Over time we learned that it doesn’t matter if you have 200 or 200.000 orders a month. The same KPIs apply, the same analysis are used, the same information is relevant. We merged all our eCommerce experience and additionally consulted with industry experts to offer you a precompiled set of ready-to-use dashboards with industry-standard reports and analysis. The minute you start using Wunderdata, the work is done

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Code-free implementation and data security

You connect your internal and external data sources with Wunderdata simply by providing the login information. This way you don’t have to worry about bound IT ressources, software updates, internal security systems, hosting or maintainance. Wunderdata uses top notch security systems both for transaction and storage of data. We host only in Germany and meet stringent German and European privacy laws. Wunderdata does not share, sell, rent, or trade data with third parties. Read more about Security.


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You sign up, we do the rest. There is no need to code on your side. Your shop database will automatically be connected to Wunderdata. Afterwards you will have an own, fully functional data warehouse with pre-configured dashboards.

Feature selection:

  • Out of the box dashboards based on best practices in eCommerce
  • Tracking of all data sources e.g. Google Analytics, Facebook, Mailchimp
  • Global slicing and dicing
  • Newsletter tracking
  • Export function
  • Cohort analysis
  • Multidimensional queries without the need to build reports
  • Visitor tracking
  • Fully integrated GA customer journey, slicing on campaign- level
Do you have any questions? Contact us for more information.

No. We offer out of the box dashboards based on best practices in eCommerce. Our self service BI solution can be used by every average employee without knowledge of databases. Our intuitive interface is designed to enable even complex multidimensional queries without the need to build new reports. Nevertheless, if you have questions, you can contact us anytime.

Our support includes fixing problems you encounter, adding any data not available on your dashboard and consulting you on using the right metrics.

Questions? Contact us.

Yes. Our servers are solely located in the European Union and we use multi-layer security systems.

You can easily connect all relevant data to Wunderdata:

  • Shop databases (Magento, XTCommerce, …)
  • Advertising (Google Adwords, Affilinet,…)
  • Website-Tracking (Google Analytics, Piwik, …)
  • E-Mail Provider (Mailchimp, Responsys,…)
  • Custom data (csv upload, Google Spreadsheets,…)

Contact us for more informations regarding APIs. 

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