Pricing and software that scale with your business.

199/ month
up to 1.000 orders / month
up to 50.000 visits / month
349/ month
up to 2.500 orders / month
up to 125.000 visits / month
649/ month
up to 5.000 orders / month
up to 250.000 visits / month
1199/ month
up to 10.000 orders / month
up to 500.000 visits / month
+ 10.000
orders / month
+ 500.000
visits / month

All plans have:

Preconfigured reports optimized for eCommerce

Table builder for custom reports

Global filtering and slicing & dicing

Advanced calculations like marketing ROI, contribution margins, customer lifetime value and cohort analysis

Management of users and data access rights

Automated email reports

Unlimited users and reports

Free implementation and support from our business intelligence experts


How does the 14-day free trial work?

After you create an account within a few minutes, you can test Wunderdata
with your own data 14 days for free. No risk, no obligations, no credit card

Do i have to pay annually?

We offer both monthly and annually billing. If you commit to 12 months, you get
one month for free.

Is my data secure?

Your data will never be available to third parties. We work in compliance
with strict German and European data privacy laws.

Which data sources can I connect to Wunderdata?

Wunderdata can connect to shop systems, web trackers, marketing platforms,
email providers and many more. You can also sync your data with Google Docs. .

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