Wunderdata vs. Alternatives

There seems to be an overwhelming amount of business intelligence vendors which all claim to be insightful, easy to use, flexible and of course, affordable. So how do you pick the right one? Below is a brief description of how Wunderdata compares against alternatives.

Traditional enterprise business intelligence
Traditional enterprise BI solutions are provided by companies like SAP, Oracle or IBM. While these tools are powerful and designed to scale, they require a lot of time, money and know how to implement and use. Wunderdata solves exactly these issues: the tool is implemented in minutes (instead of months), doesn’t need IT or analytics knowledge (instead of extensive training and consulting) and is priced to scale with your business (instead of high implementation and maintenance costs).

Monitoring tools & Dashboards
Monitoring tools and Dashboards are great to visually display data in a structured way. Yet as good as they look, as bad is their ability to provide you with deeper insights. The numbers are just gathered from different data sources and displayed next to each other. The power of a real business intelligence solution like Wunderdata lies in the joining of data from different sources, calculating KPIs based on it, and allowing you to explore deeper by drilling and slicing.

Web tracking tools
Web tracking tools like Google Analytics are great to track the behavior of visitors on a website. However, because of their limits, they are not a replacement for a real business intelligence solution. For example, the tracking of orders is inaccurate, because only a with a direct connection to the database of the online shop you have access to the actual numbers. It is also not possible to connect to other data sources that allow you to calculate important metrics like marketing ROI or contribution margins. Furthermore, Google Analytics will give you aggregated data, but not on an user-level. This for example makes it impossible to do any type of cohort analysis. These issues are solved with Wunderdata. Web tracking tools remain a great source for web data, but they are not meant to be used as central data hub for a successful online shop.

Home grown and open source software
While license-free software sounds good, the total costs of integration, maintenance and consulting are very high. SQL is easy, however, building a scalable, flexible, secure and easy to use solution is not. Most of the time it is not the developers core function to build a data warehouse, and having an in-house data expert with specific eCommerce know-how is hard and expensive. There are a lot of issues often overseen in the beginning. For example that nearly every data source has its own specific time zone, or that you have to rebuild the data cube every time you want to add a new dimension, or that MySQL has performance and scalability limitations and high performance database need a completely new skill approach. With Wunderdata all these issues are solved and everything is included. There are implementation costs or maintenance costs, and we offer free support and IT resources to allow you to focus on your core business.

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