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What you can do out of the box with Wunderdata:


“I like making decisions based on data. I have worked years with the Wunderdata team and when it comes to business intelligence‚ I appreciate their pragmatic and solution-oriented course of action.”

Sascha Weiler, Fab

“I set out with the goal to make everything at Lesara be data driven. We strive to offer the best deals to our customers‚ and Wunderdata plays a key role in informing us on how to optimize spending and sourcing.”

Roman Kirsch, Lesara

“Since we launched in 2013 we tried a few cloud BI solutions for Amorelie. Too often we realized that they were not flexible enough, slow and did not deliver the insight we needed. Wunderdata is able to combine all our different data inputs to create reports and dashboards which you can work with immediately. “

Lea Sophie Cramer, Amorelie

“We are definitely comfortable with business intelligence tools‚ but we wanted something that everyone in the company could use (and understand!) but that also gave some depth in case we wanted to drill down to the details.”

Masoud Kamali, Software & Support Media

How it works

Wunderdata brings all your data sources together, to let your data speak at full power. Learn more about our technology.

And the best part: setup only takes a few minutes. No coding required.