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Wunderdata imports data from various sources such as your shop database, ad platforms and CRM applications. Our connectors are able to adapt to your table structure and data size. We can connect directly to your production database or to a slave machine. We also connect directly to cloud based services such as your e-mail service provider, web tracking software or ad platforms. Often such services only allow limited access through reports; we load the raw data of those services into Wunderdata and combine it with the rest of your organization’s data for maximum insights. All other data, which is only available as Excel files, can be uploaded as CSV file, synchronized via Google Spreadsheets or directly entered into our system through a web interface. Our setup is very user and IT-friendly, you won’t have to code or map data. We transfer data only through safely encrypted connections like SSH and SSL.

We designed our ETL process with three major goals in mind:

Every customer is different and we want to make the Wunderdata setup experience as painless as possible. That’s why we created a very flexible architecture which can adapt to your systems and processes.

We are depending on a lot of external systems and data sources to gather all your organization’s data, be it your shop database or the API of an advertising platform. All data extraction jobs are designed with failure in mind to account for unforeseen changes, downtimes and other communication problems.

The bigger an organization becomes, the more data is collected and stored. Your Wunderdata experience will be the same whether you have 10,000 orders or 10,000,000 orders per month. That is why horizontal scalability was one of our main concerns while designing the software architecture.

We create a private, dedicated Data Warehouse for every customer. Our big data solution works completely in-memory and is able to massively parallelize queries. We crunch lots of data, to make sure your dashboards load instantly. We host in Germany and meet stringent German and European data privacy laws.

The calculated charts, tables and KPIs can be accessed with every browser, no need to install software. Thanks to our complex data model and big data solution, you can filter all reports based on all dimensions and get the results instantly. You can also set up regular email reports with the most important KPIs so you don‘t have to leave your email account to monitor your shop’s performance. If you want more details, you can also download a csv file with raw data.

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