Global Filtering
Segment all reports in any dimension you want – instantly. No need to code or touch the data model, just a few clicks.

Build custom tables
If you want a table we are not already providing out of the box, you can create one with our Table-Builder. You can combine all dimensions and metrics easily by dragging and dropping.

Export detailed data
Would you like to see all the details? No problem just export all the data you need. We don’t stop at  top level metrics, we provide maximum granularity.

E-Mail Reports
Automatically receive a daily,weekly or monthly email with specified KPIs.

Tracking on user-level
Google Analytics alone tells you what’s happening. Wunderdata can tell you who’s doing it.

Payment and logistic costs included
If you don‘t have payment and logistic costs in a structured way and don‘t want to update them manually, you can just define the costs with rules and conditions.

Professional attribution model
An attribution model assigns credit for sales to specific touchpoints. For example, Last Interaction attribution assigns 100% credit to the order. With Wunderdata’s attribution model you can decide which marketing channels performs best – even with multiple touchpoints.

Management of users and access-rights
Not everyone in the company needs to see every report. Create new users and assign individual rights to different employees.

Cohort Analysis
Identify trends over time and measure the impact of changes in your business. We not only give you cohorts based on orders but also on first-visits and sign-ups.

Out of the box reports
Start with pre-configured charts, tables and KPIs specifically tailored towards the needs of an online shop.


Free IT resources 
With Wunderdata your IT team will never need to worry about SQL queries and data modeling again. Everything works through the front end and the data modeling is done by our experts.

eCommerce knowledge
Our focus is on eCommerce. Our team has years of eCommerce experience and we constantly implement learnings of hundreds of online shops in Wunderdata. This way you can be sure, to always stay on top of your competitor.

Free 5-minute implementation
Implementing Wunderdata is not an IT project. It just takes a few short minutes to provide the necessary information so Wunderdata can do it‘s work.

Big data solution
We think that a business intelligence solution should be in place from the first minute of operation and stay in place throughout the whole lifecycle of an online shop. With our big data solution you have lightning speed performance and can use the tool no matter weather you have 100 or 100,000 orders a month.

Free mail and phone support
If you have a problem or need to contact Wunderdata support, simply mail or phone us and we will help you.

No hidden costs
Wunderdata is an all inclusive solution. No setup fee, no maintenance costs, free phone and mail support plus there is no need for internal IT resources.

No software issues
All you need to access Wunderdata is a browser. No need to install software or maintain servers.

Data privacy law compliant
Our servers are located in Germany and meet stringent German and European privacy laws.

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