Data Warehouse Tools

Plug & Play Data Warehouse for online shops:

Classic data warehousing is time and resource intensive, and hence has been traditionally used by large organizations only. Wunderdata developed a standardized data warehouse tool with a Plug & Play approach, allowing any SMB to get:

  • An own data warehouse in the cloud
  • APIs for connecting the most popular data sources
  • Accessible from any browser
  • Out of the box reports optimized for online shops

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Benefits of a data warehouse:

  • A data warehouse gathers heterogenous data sources in one place and ensures consistent data formatting
  • A data warehouse runs on an elaborate data model optimized for fast data extraction, transformation, and visual output
  • In general online shops only store current data sets, whereas a data warehouse also stores historical data, which enables trend and development analysis
  • A data warehouse enables both flat and multidimensional tables. This is necessary for ad hoc queries and deep analysis
  • Your data sources stay untouched, we only read the raw data and ensure the safety of your operative systems
  • Business users do not have to work with raw data, but still can see data sets from different angles. For example Customers, Sales, Marketing Channels etc
  • It’s easier to manage access rights for users in a data warehouse and ensure security

Wunderdata: Business Intelligence for online shops

  • Less than 1h effort to complete the installation process
  • No programming or database knowledge required
  • No manipulation of operative databases needed
  • APIs for the most popular business applications
  • No hardware requirements: a browser is sufficient to use the software
  • No installation or maintenance of in-house servers
  • Out of the box reports
  • No setup fees

Get your own data warehouse in the cloud