KPI Reporting for Online Shops

KPI Reporting

Key-Performance-Indicators are essential for the optimization of any business process. At the same time, deciding which KPIs to track and deploying a system to effectively do it, requires time and knowledge.

We optimized this process, and developed a tool that minimizes the time, effort and knowledge needed to track and act upon KPIs. Based on best practices in eCommerce, Wunderdata delivers consistent and thorough KPI dashboards that work out of the box.

The dashboards can be used intuitively by every employee without any training sessions.

Tailor-made for Online Shops:

  • Every KPI dashboard is created according to the best practices in eCommerce
  • All dashboards are always updated and can be shared with everyone in the company
  • All charts and tables can be exported to easily create ad hoc reports
  • Automatically generated reports can be sent to your email periodically
  • Multidimensional global filters allow you to slice and drill through any chart and metric at any time

Insights for every department

From sales, to marketing and merchandising, everyone in the company can benefit from data-driven work. Looking at the same metrics encourages the creation of a single-source of truth, and always keeps goals visible.

Wunderdata’s dashboards are organized in three categories:

See the full Operations dashboard in our Live Demo

See the full Marketing dashboard in our Live Demo

See the full Sourcing dashboard in our Live Demo

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