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Magento: online shop software with analytics issues

Magento is one of the most widespread online shop systems worldwide. The open source software is used by more than 200,000 online retailers including Nike, Samsung and Ford. But besides a rich library of functions and customization options Magento offers very limited reporting and analysis capabilities.

Typical Magento report issues

  • Lack of essential metrics
  • Lack of essential dimensions
  • Limited customization and segmentation options
  • Performance issues due to direct database requests
  • Bugs in reports

We fixed these issues and built a Magento reporting tool which combines enterprise functionality with maximum usability and SMB pricing.

Boost your Magento Analytics with Wunderdata

  • Get insights way greater than the default Magento reports: ready to use KPI dashboards for sales, customers, products and inventory analysis, based on eCommerce best practices
  • Drill every chart and table with our global filter, segmenting by different time spans, customer groups, brands, and products
  • Track the performance of every marketing channel and campaign based on customer lifetime value
  • Create on demand reports with our custom table builder

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Your plug & play data warehouse in the cloud

Trough an ETL (Extract transform load) process, Wunderdata aggregates all your data sources into your own data warehouse in the cloud.

We then add a visualization layer, accessible from any browser, to display your data in a meaningful and insightful way, according to the best practices in eCommerce.

  • No need to code or edit your database.
  • No need for IT to either implement, maintain or use Wunderdata.
  • No need for SQL queries to use Wunderdata.
  • No need to worry about the ETL process or maintenance of your data warehouse

We do the weightlifting, so you can focus on what’s important: making better decisions for your online shop.

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Out of the box reports

Often, business users don’t know exactly which reports and KPIs are optimal and which analysis should be performed. This way the full potential of Business Intelligence is not reached.

We reversed this process to offer our customers pre-defined reports, which are instantly usable. All data fields are pre-connected and offer multidimensional queries without the need to build reports.

This way you don’t have to go through a time consuming and failure-prone process. With Wunderdata you get ad hoc answers with a few clicks. Get enterprise functionality for SMB pricing.

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Boost your Magento analytics with Wunderdata