OLAP Tools

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP) Tools help to analyze big data from different angles, by enabling swift filtering, sorting, drilling, or slicing and dicing. OLAP reporting is a core function of Wunderdata’s business intelligence software.

Answer multi-dimensional analytical queries swiftly

Explore without limits
With Wunderdata the analyst doesn’t have to know exactly what he wants to check, the intuitive dashboards and filters allow playful data exploration without the need to build reports or write SQL queries.

Act on your data fast
Our OLAP tools and software get their data from the dedicated data warehouse we create for you, and not from your operative databases. This ensures fast and unlimited performance of transaction based data sets.

Visual and intuitive
Your data is visualized through pre-configured dashboards, that in concert with our global filter allow trend and development analysis.

Why choose Wunderdata’s OLAP tools?

  • Interactive reports let you sort, filter, drill or slice and dice with one click
  • Reports for every department are based on eCommerce’s best practices and work out-of-the-box
  • Intuitively usable without any specific training
  • No programing effort on your side
  • Free implementation of your own data warehouse, merging your shop’s database with all your other data sources
  • Runs fast even with more than 10 million data points (for example customers)

Try our OLAP tools with your data