Self Service BI

The self service business intelligence dilemma

BI is not a task for IT
When there are no BI specialists on the team, IT departments are often asked to query databases in order for business users to build and consume reports.

Avoid information bottlenecks
The time required to coordinate with IT, and retrieve the required data, creates a lag between the moment information is available and when action is taken.

Avoid double work
Reports need to be created and updated regularly. Obtaining updated data means repeating the process from scratch.

Multiple versions of the truth
If multiple business users are performing spreadsheet-based analysis, discrepancies can arise due to the error prone nature of the process.

The Wunderdata self service approach

Act on your data independently
Wunderdata enables business users to produce complex reports in a time saving way, without need to query databases or involving IT.

Act on your data fast
No need to wait: every time you wish to access your data, you can log into Wunderdata’s dashboards from any browser. Your data is constantly updated.

Business user friendly
Our complex data model enables users to connect all dimensions in their databases without the need to write a single SQL query.

Fortune 500 insights for SMBs
We created dashboards and reports based on the best practices in eCommerce. Insights traditionally reserved to established companies, are available to every SMB online shop.

Plug and play
Our streamlined approach starts right at implementation. Your effort is limited to discussing your preferences with us, and we do the heavy lifting. With the help of APIs, we connect your data sources and create your own data warehouse. The whole installation setup is done without coding on your site, and  it is free.

Try our self service BI with your data