Increase your Contribution Margin

Certain product categories can record exceptional sales but how much do they really contribute to the bottom line? The contribution margin shows the capacity of the shop to generate profits from its operations over time. This is why it is one of the most important indicators of your performance.

Problems without Wunderdata:

Calculating the contribution margin can be a tedious and complex task because:

  • Data lives in different forms and platforms: from the shop’s database to your web tracking. It needs to be pulled, merged and calculated.
  • It takes time and accounting know-how to include cancelled orders, returns and frauds.
  • To segment by specific dimensions, like categories or products, the procedure has to be manually repeated.
  • If new up-to date reports are needed the procedure has also to be manually repeated.

Solution with Wunderdata:

  • Contribution margin and related metrics are calculated automatically and are displayed on a weekly and monthly basis, always up to date and quality checked.
  • Wunderdata allows you to see all costs related to products, including costs of goods sold, logistics, payment, marketing, returns etc., so you can see where to optimize your cost structure.
  • Using the global filter you can segment the data further, and see how any specific dimension contributes to the bottom line.

Want to optimize your contribution margin?